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Jacobs '68 7'6''
Jacobs '68     7'6''

early california transition board
super fun shape
No Fin    wave set box
or glass it in
ready to ride condition
resin pigment  all repaired
good shape   cool  logos

shipping opt 4
Price  $ 425.00
Hobie 9'9'' classic (K)
Hobie 9'9'' classic
Circa 1963
super cool early 60s fin  glassed on
great classic  rider 
super cool fin 
cool looking clean logo
con 7+

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Price  $ 645.00
Da Cat Greg Noll 1966
Greg Noll 
Da Cat    1966    
non restored   only minor repairs
great logo  ( fat boy ) 
original fin 
 solid condition 

select #4 for shipping
Price  $ 4500.00
6'2'' Alaia Matador Demo
6'2''  Alaia Matador Demo
oiled  finish
1920s reproduction
always wanted to try one 
or need the coolest decoration  ever 
true old school

oversized shipping #3
Price  $ 199.00
Lightning Bolt 6'9''
Lightning Bolt  6'9'--SOLD!
all original Gerry Lopez mid 1970s Bolt
Great Shape
Resin Pins    Fins Unlimited Box   No Fin

Shipping Opt 4
Price  $ 949.00
we have all types of  VINTAGE FINS FROM THE 60S ON


Price  $ 200.00
6'4" G&S Little Gypsy
6'4" G&S Little Gypsy
Mid 1970s shape
Fantastic shape in this transition board
Good shape, great rider
Single fin
21" x 3 1/2"

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Price  $ 400.00
Channin 7' 1970s mint
Channin 7' 1970s mint

this an early to mid 70s speed shape
from Ca shaper surfer Tony Chanin

ship opt 4
Price  $ 750.00
Nectar Simon Anderson 5'6''
Nectar Simon Anderson 5'6''--SOLD!
circa 1981     great shape
clean logos     history of the thruster
in one board    very cool

ship opt 4
Price  $ 650.00
Rick 9'6'' 1960s
Rick 9'6''  1960s 
sun bleached 
water stained but solid 

as is 

ship opt 4
Price  $ 275.00
Robinson 1985 (B)
circa1985 Robinson retro Thruster
Beautiful tri fin design ,  check out  this board !!!
fighter plane  fins  cool paint   80s winger shape

Price  $ 445.00
Florida Twin 5' (B)
5' Florida surfboard  Twin
circa 1976
Very clean, great logo
from jacksonville

ship opt 3
Price  $ 300.00
Hobie Corky Carrol model 1960s
Hobie  Corky Carrol model
circa 1967
good shape


Price  $ 1700.00
6'3" South Coast Surfboards
6'3" South Coast Surfboards
Late 1970s
Great single fin
Good shape, great rider
50/50 rails for that classic glide on a shorter board
22" x 2 7/8"

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Price  $ 445.00
Hansen Deringer late 60s
Hansen Deringer
late sixties 
super cool logo 
great shape 

quote shipping 
Price  $ 675.00
Robinson 80s Quad (W)
super cool 80s quad circa 1985 in good shape great 80s colors

option 4 quote shipping
Price  $ 325.00
Greg Noll EC DUKE 10'6''
Greg Noll East Coast    DUKE 10'6'' 
good shape         mid 1960s

quote shipping        prefer pickup
Price  $ 3000.00
Bunger mid 70s
Bunger mid 1970s classic
great classic
good shape
single fin pin tail 

quote shipping opt 4 
Price  $ 350.00
Dewey Webber Performer
Dewey Webber Performer
great shape 
with original fin 

opt 4   quote shipping 
Price  $ 2500.00
Scott 1985 quad (W)
Scott Surfboard 1985 quad 
good shape 

Price  $ 375.00
56 items total 1  2  3 

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