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Price  $ 19.95
Da Cat Greg Noll 1966
Greg Noll 
Early Da Cat  version  1966    
non restored  great shape  only minor repairs have been done 
great logo  ( fat boy ) 
original fin 
 solid condition 

select #4 for shipping
Price  $ 2900.00
Jacobs '68 7'6''
Jacobs '68     7'6''

early california transition board
super fun shape
No Fin    wave set box
or glass it in
ready to ride condition
resin pigment  all repaired
good shape   cool  logos

shipping opt 4
Price  $ 300.00
Dewey Weber SKI 7'11''
Dewey Weber  THE SKI   7'11'    
Australia Inspired 
Weber introduced the ski model in 1969, in hopes to keep up with the constant change in board design during the short board revolution. The board was designed by Nat Young, a former Weber team rider. 

23'' wide  (good rider)
Circa 1969 -70
super cool early 1970s transition  type rider 
wave set  fin box  no fin included 
(fins are available for purchase)
Good  Shape !

cool looking clean logo
Super Cool 
7'11 x  23.5  x  3.5  

opt 4    quote shipping

Shipping  Select #4 Quote or pickup
Price  $ 400.00
6'1''  Alaia Matador Demo 
oiled  finish  lightweight   polonia wood 
1920s reproduction
always wanted to try one 
or need the coolest decoration  ever 
true old school rider 

oversized shipping  opt  #3
Price  $ 275.00
Design One 7'6''
Design One  7'6''
22.5   ( good rider ) 
circa 1969
Great Shape
Fins Unlimited Box   No Fin

Shipping Opt 4
Price  $ 375.00
We have all types of  VINTAGE FINS AND BOXES FROM THE 60S ON

50$ to 300$

hansen  through deck
glass ons

Price  $ 0.00
Hansen Deringer late 60s
Hansen Deringer
late sixties 
super cool logo 
great shape 

quote shipping 
Price  $ 600.00
Hobie Corky Carroll model 1960s
Hobie Corky Carol  Mini Model

In 1967 Hobie and Carroll designed the "Carroll Mini Model." This was the first ever short board to be sold in the U.S. During the same year this board was produced, Carroll won the International Big Wave Championship in Peru.

circa 1967
good shape


opt 4  shipping
Price  $ 1100.00
Rise Surfboard circa 1979
Rise Surfboard circa 1979   
single fin swallow
great shape    local shape 

quote shipping opt 4 
Price  $ 350.00
Greg Noll East Coast Custom
Greg Noll Surfboard   East Coast Custom  7'6''
variset fin box
great shape

4   quote shipping
Price  $ 1000.00
Turbo Speed Slick 1985
Circ 1985
Belly Board  41.5 x 21.5 x 3/4
one of the fastest
this old style type
this one has never been ridden

ship opt 3
Price  $ 175.00
Sandpiper 80s Skimboard

Price  $ 85.00
1950s Water Skis

Price  $ 69.00
5'6'' Matador Cedar Alaia
6'2''   Matador Cedar Alaia
16'' wide   3/4 thick 
Cedar Alaia
No fin fun , come on in and check it out!
1920s hawaii style

hang it over a fire place
or ride it like its 1930

quote shipping
Price  $ 279.00
9'6'' Matador Squid DEMO
9'6'' Matador Squid DEMO
The Best nose riding board ever 
The squid is 23 wide 3 thick  it is inspired by a Holmsley Sidewinder 1967
This board was  on exibit at the NJ Surf Museum  2012 -2013   
super cool  was $949

pick up only  or contact for quote
Price  $ 700.00
Lightiningbolt Rory Russel
LightningBolt  1980s
Rory Russel Model

opt 4 quote shipping
Price  $ 450.00
6'4" Fat Albert 1970s Surfboards Australia
6'4" Fat Albert 1970s
Fantastic shape by Surfboards Australia. Shaped  out of the Gordon and Smith factory in San Diego in the erly 70's
Wide and fat for that extra paddle power and float
Single fin for that cool, smooth glide
21" x 3 5/8"

Call for shipping quote

Price  $ 375.00
Surf Line Hawaii
Surf Line Hawaii 
Mid 1970s
This is one of the boards that made the transition to shortboards so smooth
Great swallowtail
From a classic shaping house comes a classic board
Own and ride a piece of history

Surf Line Hawaii surfboards started out in a shop in Honolulu which started shaping and manufacturing surfboards 
in the begining of the shortboard revolution that took over in the late 60's. They worked with top shapers on the island 
during that period like Dick Brewer, Reno Abellira, Gerry Lopez who all shaped for them pre-Lighting Bolt, as well as
Dennis Pang, Rick Irons, Ryan Dotson, Randy Rarick, Buddy Dumphy who stayed until the 80's and then branched off 

Call for shipping options

Price  $ 600.00
6'8" Sunset
 6'8" Sunset
Late 70s/early 80s pintail
Great shape and in good condition
Definitely should ride this in some solid conditions
Plenty of volume but loose and quick
20.5" x 3 1/4"

Call for shipping options
Price  $ 325.00
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